Many families are adapting to their new normal routines of staying at home. For their children, time outside the home has been significantly reduced to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Exercise has been curtailed and many of our children’s health and well being has been adversely affected.

When the children begin to return to “normality” over the next few months the key to looking after their physical and mental health is keeping them active which is why they should try to get outside and enjoy physical activity every day. The Yourtrak app helps teachers to monitor, motivate and reward children to exercise on a daily basis. The App is already part of the daily life at many schools and now, more than ever, can help primary schools across the UK improve the wellbeing of every pupil.

In recognition of these unprecedented times and our commitment to get children exercising, Yourtrak are offering a £100 discount VOUCHER to any school who joins the Yourtrak community in the Summer term. We want to help schools give their children something to look forward to when they return in June or in September to start the new school year

Start your Yourtrak journey today by arranging a free demo to understand how we can make daily exercise fun and rewarding!


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About the author : Annet Heitman