Childwall began their Yourtrak journey in November 2019. In total 14 classes and 423 pupils signed up and since then they have completed over 15000 miles putting their current location as Ghana.

Sport and fitness plays a major role at Childwall CofE with most children going above and beyond on the required 30 minutes a day of being active. Physical activity is positively associated with children’s classroom behaviour and the results of this can be seen for all to see at Childwall, as it is an Ofsted graded Outstanding School.

The constant positive enforcement from both the App and Teachers has motivated the pupils to stay focused and “on trak” with their journey. After over 2 years of running the daily mile on the teachers were finding it harder to keep them motivated but with the introduction of Yourtrak that has all been taken care of.

“Yourtrak app given children chance to re-motivate themselves”  

The teachers at Childwall, are also enjoying the introduction of the Yourtrak app with them commenting how much easier and streamlined the tracking and monitoring process has become.

“We can calculate and observe progress and it gives the children the chance to see how they have done that day, week, month”

Each Friday has now also become an event to celebrate and compare how everyone has done that week!

“Each week in assembly we talk to the children and celebrate any achievements. Yourtrak and daily mile is a main point and factor not just individual but for all the classes across the school years. Its really exciting for the children”

“Yourtrak app given children chance to re-motivate themselves”

Eddie Hawthorn - Head of Physical Education
About the author : Annet Heitman