Making daily exercise fun and rewarding…

Yourtrak records time and distance walked or run and makes daily exercise fun and rewarding. It encourages team work as individual classes and the school itself go on educational journeys throughout Europe and the World as they cumulatively complete miles.

Each student is encouraged to complete up to 9 marathons ranging from London to New York! They are rewarded with virtual certificates and badges as they complete each 26.2 mile marathon.

Yourtrak at Childwall Primary School
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Easy to set up

User Friendly Activity tracker for teachers

Mobile Parent App

Engages parents and carers with our Yourtrak mobile parent app

Reward Charts and Certificates

Yourtrak offers schools complimentary Marathon Charts and Certificates.

“Yourtrak app given children chance to re-motivate themselves,We can calculate and observe progress and it gives the children the chance to see how they have done that day, week, month”

Eddie Hawhthorne Childwall Primary School

“Yourtrak offers fantastic features. It’s user friendly and simple, easy and quick to input the data as the pupils come through the door. The pupils are really committed to completing the marathon”

Mark EdmundsonElmridge Primary School

COVID 19 Introductory Offer

In recognition of these unprecedented times and our commitment to get children exercising, Yourtrak are offering a 10% discount to any school who joins the Yourtrak community in March 2021.

Why Yourtrak?

With more than a third of children overweight or obese the Yourtrak App has been designed to incentivise the younger generation and get them moving.

Yourtrak has been developed in collaboration with over 50 schools across the UK to encourage the children at these schools to engage and enjoy running their mile a day. Yourtrak is fun and easy to use rewarding every step every child makes on his or her own journey.

Designed to be like a fun game, Yourtrak helps set goals, reward effort and encourage children to do a little bit more exercise promoting healthy friendly competition.

Why is running a mile a day so popular and why does it work…

  • Because almost every child can run or walk a mile per day and enjoy the benefits of doing so

  • It’s quick taking around 15 minutes a day.
  • It’s free and there is no timetable
  • Running a mile is non competitive
  • Children do not need to change to enjoy their exercise
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We are looking for a new incentive for the Daily Mile that we already do with all children. As PE Lead I am keen to monitor and reward children / classes for participation.

Penistone St John's Primary School

It has worked well motivating the children and staff to complete the daily mile.

Claremont Primary School

We are a 3 form entry primary school in the centre of manchester with over 700 children.
Our children complete the daily mile by running/walking round out path on the school field.

Heald Place Primary School
We’re looking to start up the daily mile/10 or 15 mins running time into our daily timetable across the school and I’ve been looking into an app that can support and motivate children to beat their own PBs etc.
Lark Rise Academy
We are very focused on promoting a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ with our children. We have been participating in the ‘Daily Mile’ for the last few years & we are always ready to look at new initiatives that would benefit our children & develop their physical well-being.’’
Strandtown Primary School
We have been running the mile for a couple of years now and I would like to try and make it more interesting for the children.
Willowcroft Primary School
Just interested to see a development from our mile a day which has been running for the last 18 months. It feels as if some have little motivation on a daily basis and we could do with re igniting interest, amongst everyone.
Padiham Primary School
We are a school based in Stockton-on-Tees and have a good percentage of our school who only participates in physical activitywhilst at school. The whole school takes part in the Daily Mile and this app sounds like it would be a great way to monitor and record the children’s achievements as well as encouraging them to beat their personal best.
St Cuthbert Primary School

We are about to start the Mile a day and heard about this app so wondered if it would be a good thing to track how much we are exercising to track our progress and provide a bit of an incentive to increase each individual child’s laps over time.

St. Michaels Church School
We have been doing the Mile as a whole school for the past two years but need some extra help with motivating and encouraging pupils to take part. A very large proportion of pupils are not motivated to run.
West Hill Primary School
We want to bring the mile a day back, this time bigger and better than ever, to really motivate the children. Our children are not the most active and we would love for them to be more motivated to keep being active every day.
**** Bridge Primary School

We are a double platinum award winning school for PE and School Sport in East Grinstead and are looking to further extent our use of our all weather track.

St Peter's Catholic Primary School
We are currently going out as a class each day and making the most of our amazing outdoor circuit, using pedometers to track our steps with the aim of reaching a million steps during a school year. The tracking side is tricky and becoming a challenge which is putting some teachers off going outside. It would be interesting to see how Yourtrak improves this.
Kingsley St John's
We are trying to track our childrens activity on a daily basis for KS1 and three times weekly for KS2 and are looking for a simple way to track and achieve this.
St John Vianney Catholic Primary School
We are a small school in the Highland of Scotland who do a mile a day but are looking for alternative ways to motivate children and record distances
Acharacle primary school
We would like to Track distances run without it being too time consuming for KS1 teachers.
Forefield Infant School
The Children need more motivation to run their mile. A competitive element would likely encourage children more!
Northleach CE Primary

The daily mile was introduced to children a couple of years ago and we have the markings on the playground as well as allocated time in the day for children to complete the daily mile. I’d like a way to excite the children about the daily mile and to see it as a fun activity by going on journeys, completing challenges etc. I’d also like a way to monitor children’s activity to support them further.

Grange Primary Academy
We have been doing the daily mile for about a year now and it has been really successful and popular with the children. We were recommended your app when we had our all weather track put down as an additional way of recording the daily physical activity of our pupils.
Wootton Wawen CE Primary
I am looking for a fun way to encourage both schools to participate in the daily mile, but also encourage pupils outside of school.
Putford Green Primary School
I am interested to see how this app can make a mile a day fun.
Claremont Primary School
I don’t want the children to lose their motivation for the daily mile. Yourtrak sounds like it will help to keep the children focused and motivated. I am keen to see how this works.
Bowdon Church School
I am the PE coordinator at Barkisland’s. We are a village school in Halifax and we currently run a daily mile schedule throughout the school. We have a running track that each class uses for the daily mile. I just like to see how your app can support our daily mile throughout the school.
Barkisland C of E (VA) Primary School
We are a large infant school and we are looking for more ways to get our children active on top of the weekly Physical Education sessions.
Petersfield Infant School
We have been running a mile for a few years and would like to bring a bit more excitement into it.
Kingston Primary School
We are interested in finding out more about Yourtrak, as we have been successfully running the daily mile in school for around a year now and we are thinking of ways to keep children engaged.
Menston Primary School
We are currently an active school who do the daily mile and would like a way of tracking pupil progress. We are interested in trying out the app to see what this can bring to the school.
Inkersall Primary School

We have just introduced the daily mile this academic year and are looking for ways to encourage pupils to keep on top of their health and fitness.

The Russell Primary School
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Childwall Primary School

The constant positive enforcement from both the App and Teachers has motivated the pupils to stay focused and “on trak” with their journey.

Webinar Mark Edmundson, Elmridge Primary School

”Using the App brought a new dimension to pupils fitness and encouraged them in getting involved with the Daily Mile Challenge. Not only was it easier to track each students progress but it helped support the pupils taking part.”

Yourtrak, Your Journey…

Join the Yourtrak Journey Today!

Yourtrak is built around 3 journeys…

8 individual marathons, the class journey across Europe and the school journey around the World.

App Features

Dashboard & Statistics

Use Yourtrak to automatically record and highlight your pupils achievements to your dashboard or log results manually in the teachers control panel. Within the Yourtrak dashboard you can easily filter information, view class and school statistics, access individual pupil dashboards and view their journeys.

Activity Tracker

Yourtrak makes it simple to track the time your pupils, classes or customised groups, for example ‘’breakfast club’’ or ‘’after school club’’ have spent on the track. The pupil’s distance is estimated by a log-in / log-out timer system, the individual pupils age and the amount of completed ‘’laps’’.

The Yourtrak Journey

Yourtrak will take your pupils on a personalised journey across famous cities, landmarks and into a number of countries! Individual pupils will complete marathons, classes will go on a journey throughout Europe and all classes will walk/run around the world together! Whenever your pupils, classes or school hit a milestone and reach a new destination, they will receive badges in their personal ‘’pupil dashboard’.

Teacher Panel

Review all results and statistics from the convenience of your computer or tablet with our ‘’teacher control panel’’. Export and import data from your school’s operation system through Excel and CSV files to efficiently create reports. Pupils profiles can be set up and personalised by the ‘ school Admin’’ with a photo, emoji or other image of choice.

Mobile Parent App

Yourtrak offers a mobile phone version for the pupil’s parents. The Yourtrak ‘parent app’ will allow parents and carers to access their child’s personal dashboard and follow their individual journey. Results of all pupils are stored and saved on a secure dedicated (nonshared) server and are fully GDPR compliant.

Sponsorship & Fundraising

Yourtrak offers the possibility to integrate local sponsors and your school’s sponsorship events into the App. This feature can help your school to locate funding for your annual Yourtrak subscription or raise money for charity. Your sponsors logo can be uploaded on our timer screen and special ‘running groups’ can be created for PTA & charity events.

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